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2019-2020 Team EHQ ambassadors

Brian Reider @breider26.2

Brian Reider @breider26.2

Brian Reider @breider26.2


5K: 17:00  10K: 35:52 13.1: 1:18 26.2: 2:49

Favorite endurance sport? Distance Running  

Favorite race distance?  Half Marathon...  long enough to be challenging, but short enough that I don’t need to train for months to  run it.   

Ideal race conditions?  55 degrees, cloudy or very light rain.   

Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs?  Prefer Rolling Hills.  

Shoes: Switch it up?  I require some heel.  I currently train in the Hoka Carbon X and race in the Nike Vaporfly 4% / Next%.   

Other sporting events you do?  I just run road races!  Anything from 1 Mile to 26.2 Miles. Planning on doing a road ultra sometime after Spring 2020.   

Pre race routine?  Night before, I eat Vito’s Pizza and hydrate.  Morning of, I rarely eat anything.  If I do, I’ll eat a Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar and hydrate some more. I have to get to a race at least 60 to 90 minutes before it starts.  I get checked in, warm up 1-2 miles, use the restroom, then socialize and get ready to race.   

Random fact about yourself:  I almost gave up running marathons after my first two.  I ran a 3:48 (2014) and 3:56 (2016).  In 2017, I decided to really get serious about my training.  That year, I dropped my marathon time down to a 3:04.  It was technically a Boston Marathon qualifying time, but was not fast enough to be accepted.  So, in 2018, I used what I had learned in 2017 and trained smarter, not necessarily harder.  I ran a 2:49 at the Marine Corps Marathon.  A BQ by over 10 minutes, so I will be running the 2020 Boston Marathon! 

Waylon Burke @waylon2807

Brian Reider @breider26.2

Brian Reider @breider26.2


Team EHQ 100-miler! 

Favorite endurance sport: Ultrarunning. Ideal race conditions:  Spring/Fall weather 50s and 60s but i never shy away from what I wanna run because of that!  

Shoes: Currently the Hoka Evo Mafate but I do switch to Altra, Salomon and Nike. I am a shoe nut!!! 

Other sporting events: I like to play basketball a lot but I consider myself game to whatever.  

Pre race routine: I don’t have a particular routine but I normally try to keep things similar to my last event that things went well at. I also don’t like to be late. I like to be early and relaxed. 

Random fact: In my profession I drilled at the World Trade Center transportation hub and  memorial site. 

Amiee Barclay

Brian Reider @breider26.2

Allison Barton @run_allison_run


Team EHQ Triathlete! 

 Favorite Endurance sport: is running. Prefer trail running but do more road running than trail.  I love triathlons but that’s 3 sports. 

 Shoes: are Hoka’s. Neutral, 4mm I think.  I like Clifton and Arahi  I want to try the Carbon X

Ideal race condition: I prefer rolling hills, my favorite all time race has been the Morgantown half because of its rolling hills. I do train on hills but not because I like them. I like trail running for the same reason, rolling hills...and dirt, rocks, roots, trees, spider webs, I Other sports: Love, love, love riding my bike and ride anytime the weather cooperates. I road ride and gravel ride.

Favorite distance: half marathon

Ideal race conditions: for running, 45-50 degrees, low humidity, partly sunny. I like to run in the rain too 60ish and light or steady rain.  Bike, anything 50 and above. Sunny, cloudy no rain  

Allison Barton @run_allison_run

Donnie Orr @Ultra.chef.donnieorr

Allison Barton @run_allison_run


Team EHQ  

Favorite endurance sport: Running half marathons. 

Ideal race conditions:  Sunny and hot!  

Shoes: Hoka Bondi! 

Other sporting events: weight lifting.  

Pre race routine: Prayer. 

Random fact: Active runner with three beautiful grandchildren. 

Adam Walker @bulletproof_ocr

Donnie Orr @Ultra.chef.donnieorr

Donnie Orr @Ultra.chef.donnieorr


Team EHQ Obstacle Course Racer

Bulletproof_OCR Facebook Page <-


Favorite endurance sport: Obstacle course racing (OCR).

Favorite Distance: 10 miles

Ideal race conditions:  Muddy for OCR!  60's and overcast for runs. 

Rolling hills or endless climbs?  Rolling hills.

Shoes: ASICS Kayanos and GT 2000 Trail. 

Other sporting events: Local 5Ks.  

Pre race routine: My pre race routine usually starts early including a shower and stretching to relax. I arrive early to races to minimize stress and don't have to rush. Breakfast is light such as a protein bar and water.  

Random fact: Recent father of twins! 

Donnie Orr @Ultra.chef.donnieorr

Donnie Orr @Ultra.chef.donnieorr

Donnie Orr @Ultra.chef.donnieorr


Team EHQ Ultra Runner

Favorite endurance sport?  Running 

Favorite race distance?  Any distance I haven't completed. 

Ideal race conditions?  Really Hot 

Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs?  Endless Climbs 

Shoes:  3mm drop for running 0 drop for hiking  

Other sporting events you do?  Cycling Obstacle Course Racing Duathlon  

Pre race routine?  Equipment check, nutrition check, drop bags, and jam some badass tunes to get amped!

Marvin Angulo @marvel0u5

Woody Snodberger @woodysnoberger

Marvin Angulo @marvel0u5



 Favorite endurance sport: Obstacle Course Racing and Trail Running. 

 Favorite race Distance: All distances as they call upon different strengths and strategies.
Ideal race conditions:  Extreme. The colder or hotter or wetter or sloppier, the more fantastic.
Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs: I love steep vertical mountains. High elevation and crazy gradients. Then bombing downhill. But seeing nature and beauty in any scenery is worthwhile. 

Shoes: I like them fairly flat with tread and some cushion, the lighter in weight the better. 

Other sports: I do are Parkour and Crossfit.
Random fact about yourself: To bring balance in life I love to read and put energy into music and motorized vehicles.

Travis Yost

Woody Snodberger @woodysnoberger

Marvin Angulo @marvel0u5


Favorite endurance sport: Running by far! Longer the distance the bigger the obsession. 

Favorite race distance: I like the half marathon distance in that it can be run at an all-out pace and max effort, but after a recent training run of 42 miles, I am hooked on the longer distances!

Ideal race conditions: Everyone wants sunny and 45 degrees to run in, but to me there is no ideal race conditions, more like ideal scenarios. The hardest part of outdoor endurance sports is adapting whatever nature throws at you!

Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs: I have run what seems to be never getting to the top hills to nice rolling terrain. I like what they both have to offer.

Shoes: I run in mostly neutral to 10mm drop shoe. On Road course with short or longer distance I prefer Nike Vapor Fly 4% or Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%. These shoes offer max comfort and are light enough for fast speeds. On a lot of mild trails and training runs I use Adidas Adizero Boston 6 or 7, these offer a 10mm drop and have light spongy cushion for most training runs or light trails. Finally for more technical or complex trails I use Salomon Sense Ride trail shoes it’s an 8mm drop shoe that offers great tread pattern for slippery trails and light enough and tight fitting to offer speed on the worst trails.

Other sports: I really only compete in running events but I am very passionate about weight lifting and HIIT training. Combining the two makes for a great mix up in routines and can be a great form of cardio. I like to mountain bike and kayak, hope to one day maybe compete in a smaller triathlon, followed by a full ironman. 

Pre Race Routine: I like to show up early to the race and relax to some good music or favorite motivational (David Goggins or Rich Pianna) and shoot the shit with some good friends. I try to stay relaxed as possible. I do a short warm up run to get my heart rate up and a quick stretch, then it’s race time!

Random Fact about yourself: I am great mechanic. I love to turn wrenches on anything with a motor.   

Woody Snodberger @woodysnoberger

Woody Snodberger @woodysnoberger

Woody Snodberger @woodysnoberger


 Favorite endurance sport: Running  Favorite race distance: Half Marathon and Marathon  

Ideal race conditions: 30-40 degrees and calm I much prefer cooler weather  Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs: Rolling hills  

Shoes: Some heel usually at least 4 mm drop for me  

Other sports:  Spartan Races  

Pre race routine:  Usually I lay out my race clothes the night before then the morning of I get up 3-4 hours before race time and drink a cup of coffee and have a bagel with peanut butter and a banana.   I also make sure I hydrate. If it is a shorter race 10k or under I warm-up 3 miles if its longer I will warm up less.     Random fact about yourself: I was 86th in the 2018 Boston Marathon. I put hot sauce on about everything. I consider myself an amateur craft beer connoisseur 

Matt Bicskei @coach_b_actual

Trevor Wolfe @rubberanklerunning

Woody Snodberger @woodysnoberger


Favorite endurance sport: Trail running.

Currently training for 50K

I love running and hiking outside and just being in the wilderness. 

 Favorite terrain: I like the challenge and feeling of accomplishment from long inclines. 

Ideal race conditions: Cool, misty mornings just before the sunrise. 

Shoes: zero drop style, currently training in the Altra Lone Peak. They are very comfortable for wide feet, breathable, and have very good grip. In the gym I wear Nike Metcons for work and training. 

Other sports: I am new to the endurance game, my background is in powerlifting and sports performance. My current training program includes cross training consisting of strength training, swimming, and biking on top of the trail miles.

Random fact about yourself: 

B.S. Exercise Science Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator 

Raw Functional Training

United States Marine Corps Veteran

Trevor Wolfe @rubberanklerunning

Trevor Wolfe @rubberanklerunning

Trevor Wolfe @rubberanklerunning


Team EHQ Ultra Runner

 Favorite endurance sport: running of the ultra type

Favorite distance: 100k - this distance takes more strategy and determination than a 50k.

Ideal race conditions: 65-75 degrees and sunny but I don’t mind rain. 

Shoe: I’ve ran the zero drop Altra Lone Peak for awhile with great success! Recently though I’ve been loving my Topo Athletics with a 3mm drop and Vibram outsole.

Favorite terrain: rolling hills with steep, fast descents. I love to bomb the downhills!

Other sports: I love mountain biking!

Favorite race fuel: Hüma gels and Endure Fuel-unflavored

Pre-race routine: wake up early with coffee and peanut butter banana toast. Hydrate with Endure Fuel. I never stretch or warm up; I try to use the first couple miles of the race to loosen up, get my adrenaline and breathing under control
Music? I never race or train with music. I feel like I do my best thinking and problem solving during my training runs, no distractions. During a race I usually get one or two annoying songs stuck in my head that I sing to myself on repeat.

Random fact about yourself: My favorite food is Oreos and if I buy them I have zero self-control and will eat the entire package. Not a single one will make it home from the grocery store. Then I try to hide the evidence from my wife because I’m ashamed.  

Blair Smith

Trevor Wolfe @rubberanklerunning

Trevor Wolfe @rubberanklerunning


 Team EHQ Ultra Runner

Favorite endurance sport: Trail running. Favorite distance: I’ve only done up to 40 miles but I’ve found pleasure and pain in all different distances. 

Ideal race conditions: I’m pretty adaptable to whatever the weather may be. 

Rolling hills or endless climbs: Endless climbs for sure!  

Shoes:  I prefer anything below 6mm drop. 

Other sports: I enjoy backpacking and most anything on the river. 

Pre-race routine: Chicken and rice the night before and the morning of definitely coffee and music. 

Random fact: I’ve had open heart surgery one have a Gore-Tex stent in my aorta so I not only have Gore-Tex shoes and jackets but also in my heart!

Kait Bykowicz @kaitmzd

Francisco Hernandez @franciscotherunner

Francisco Hernandez @franciscotherunner


Team EHQ Ultra OCR 

Favorite endurance sport: Ultra Obstacle Course Racing

Favorite race distance: 50 mile

Ideal race conditions: Rolling hills, Fall race, light wind, cloudy and 60°

Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs? Endless climbs, endless climbs usually mean some downhills to bomb. 

Shoe:  Altra everything. Timp 1.5 (50mile+) Superior (<50k) 

King MT (OCR)  Escalante (road)

Other sports: OCR, running and some MTB

Pre race routine: Sleep. Show up. Run. That's about the extent of my pre race routine. 

Random fact about yourself: I run on the GRIT Fitness PRO team.

Francisco Hernandez @franciscotherunner

Francisco Hernandez @franciscotherunner

Francisco Hernandez @franciscotherunner



Team EHQ Ultra Runner

Favorite endurance sport:  Running. 

Favorite distance: I have run more than 30 marathons, 10ks, 5ks, and now I'm more into running Ultra marathons. 

Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs? I prefer rolling hills over running on road. I love taking a challenge climbing altitude when running Ultra. 

Shoe: I have a few favorite running shoes. I love my Altra Superior 3.0, 361Santiago , Altra Repetition Zero Drop  and New Balance.  

Other sports: My other sporting event I do is the Mud Run, an obstacle challenge run. 

Aaron Watkins

Francisco Hernandez @franciscotherunner

Aaron Watkins



Team EHQ Ultra Runner

 Favorite endurance sport: Trail/Ultra running  

Favorite distance: 10k or 50k I still haven’t run a road marathon. I have run a handful of 50k’s, one 40 miler and one 70 miler.  

Ideal race conditions: 75°-85° honestly I do good in the heat, I never get loose in the extreme cold.  

Rolling hills or seemingly endless climbs: I prefer the big ups and downs rather than a really runnable course. I get in to trouble if there isn’t any stuff you have to hike.  

Shoes:  Zero drop for sure! I just can’t do minimalist shoes anymore. Too easy to get injured.  

Other sports: Fishing 

Pre race routine: I never get ready until the night before lol. I often wear red clothing to race - it makes me feel fast.  

Random fact about yourself: I think about running like all day long. I probably have the flattest feet you have ever seen!